Pete F1M

Mitsubishi F1M - Overview

This 'Non-Deep Pete' F1M was most probably sunk while it was moored in the water. The theory is that the floating pontoon was punctured and the plane sank, nose down, into the sand.

The visibility is not great and there are a lot of small fish around to make photogrammetry difficult, but it is a fascinating wreck to admire.

The Deep Pete is less intact but full of spectacular, photogenic marine life and far better viz.

Dive Details


~18m (second at 40m)

Lying upside-down, wing broken but main structure intact.

Photos & Renders

Propeller View
Showing the prop original geom - wireframe is under the sand.
Planes 'moored' against the sand and floating in the water
Wreck positioned on water
Current Wreck illustrated as render on ocean
Standing Reference
Originally sank vertically, but eventually fell over.
Rstored View
Orientated correctly, with wireframe mesh for broken areas.

Deep and 'non-deep' Pete

The classic Deep Pete dive has been described by Don Silcock on this page in great detail. This is at 40m and has great visibility with a lot of picturesque marine life.

There is a second Pete Bomber, near the pier, with poor viz and less specatacular marine life (plenty enough swarms of small fish to make the photogrammetry process challenging). This wreck is more intact for general photogrammetry and modelling and has a very interesting story.

It was originally discovered nose down, standing vertically on the seabed, This makes sense as the engine at the nose is the heaviest component. It also leads to the theory that the plane was not in action when it sunk, but moored and the floaring pontoon was damaged so it sank slowly. Float planes often lie on their backs as the float will orientate towards the surface naturally.

The local fishing community were aware of the wreck and in a classic display of going on with day to day life, used it as a mooring tie-off. This eventually caused the plane to topple over to lie on it's back. It is a highly enjoyable wreck to dive, but the viz is nowhere near as good as the deeper version.



16 February 2023