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Betty Bomber

Plane wreck - Photogrammetry & Virtual Reconstruction using design files to illustrate the story.

Ex HMAS Adelaide

Ex HMAS Adelaide

Frigate ~138m - Photogrammetry with Design geometry of key components (Missile Launcher) in Wireframe

Ex-HMAS Tobruk

Ex-HMAS Tobruk

As well as a great wreck with an interesting story on how it sunk, the Tobruk has become a haven for turtles...

Gordon's Bay

Dive Site - Amalgamation of Drone, UW Camera & Map Extractions to show the Underwater Trail and Chain.

Nippo Maru

Nippo Maru - Truk Lagoon - video working through the levels of the famous engine rooms experience.

Pete F1M

Now lying upside-down, this wreck originally sat upright on it's nose until a fisherman used it as a mooring line!

Red Sea Wrecks

The Thistlegorm is always a standout in the Red Sea wreck montage but there are plenty of other highlights...

Yongala Wreck

One of the most famous wrecks in the world due to the staggering amount of marine life...

Zero Bomber

The story of the A6M Series is genuinely amazing, but so is seeing how basic and fragile they are.

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